Ghana Youth Awards
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Ghana Youth Awards

Celebrating Youth Brilliance & Excellence

The Ghana Youth Awards is a prestigious annual event dedicated to celebrating and honoring exceptional Ghanaian youth who embody the qualities of entrepreneurship, leadership, social responsibility, and national development. Since its inception, the awards have been a beacon for recognizing the remarkable achievements and contributions of young Ghanaians who are making a significant impact in their communities and the nation at large.

Founded with a vision to showcase the excellence and innovation of Ghanaian youth, the Ghana Youth Awards has become a cornerstone event in the national calendar. Established in 2021, the awards have continuously evolved to reflect the dynamic landscape of youth achievement in Ghana.

What sets the Ghana Youth Awards apart is its unwavering commitment to integrity and meritocracy. Unlike other awards schemes, the Ghana Youth Awards does not utilize features like Momo voting or Bulk Vote Purchases. Instead, it operates on the principles of rewarding genuine efforts and hard work, ensuring that winners are selected based on merit rather than financial influence.

Online Endorsement 40%
Board Evaluation 60%


Ghana Youth Awards

Purpose & Theme

The Ghana Youth Awards 2024, seeks to unite young entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates for a special edition geared towards promoting peace and good governance. By partnering with us, you align with a dynamic community dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration, creating a platform where diverse voices converge for positive change.

The GHANA YOUTH AWARDS 2024 centered on the upcoming election, honors outstanding youth in entrepreneurship, leadership, social responsibility, and national development. This special edition advocates for peace emphasizing the role of the youth in fostering good governance for a better Ghana.

This awards ceremony is distinct from the customary awards programs that prioritize the highest bidders, such as the Momo voting awards schemes. The 2024 Edition is under the Theme: ‘’Empowering Youth-Driven Businesses, Fostering Peace and Good Governance”.




The primary target audience for the Ghana Youth Awards, 2024 would be young entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators aged between 18 and 40. These individuals are passionate about creating new businesses, developing innovative ideas, and contributing to the growth of the economy. Secondary audiences include educators, mentors, and industry professionals who support and guide these young talents.

Attendee Information:

The event will attract a diverse group of attendees, including:

  • Young entrepreneurs and investors who are nominees or interested in networking with like-minded individuals.
  • Representatives from venture capital firms, angel investors, and financial institutions looking to discover and support the next big thing.
  • Educators, mentors, and industry professionals who have played a role in nurturing the talents of these young achievers.
  • Media personnel covering the event and sharing the stories of these inspiring individuals.

Demography and Data Analysis

The attendees of the Ghana Youth Awards will represent a wide range of backgrounds, industries, and regions. Here's a generic breakdown:

  • Age: 18-35 (90%), 36-40 (5%)
  • Some special recognitions to individuals below 18 (5%)
  • Gender: Male (60%), Female (40%)
  • Ethnicity: Diverse representation from various ethnic backgrounds
  • Geographic Distribution: Nationwide, with a higher concentration from Accra, Kumasi, Volta, the Northern part of the country and youth living in Abroad
  • Industries: Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Governance, Sport, Agriculture, Art and Governance.